Between the Monogram and the Damier Ebene any recommendations?? louis vuitton


the ones that got away:monogramoflage speedymirage speedy cube speedy lv bags

,I have always loved the Petite Noe! Congrats! lv bags, think the Galliera is the most comfy bag LV has ever made! It's so lightweight and the flat strap stays on your shoulder. The bag also hangs close to your body which is nice. I don't like boxy bulky bags that stick out. I think the NF is pretty comfy and lightweight but not as comfy as the Gal. I have both bags and I don't overload them but i louis vuitton shop,Great haul~!!! Love everything~!! Congrats~!! louis vuitton wallet,

It's a purse...not perfect. Nothing is perfect..nothing in the whole world. No offense at all, I am all smiles at your thread, but I think you're being reeeeally picky. LOLIf LV manages to perfect perfection, they're going to have quite a patent! louis vuitton

love love love! ルイヴィトン ショルダーバッグ
Congrats! :) ルイヴィトン コピー